• A manufacturer specialized in automatic control system
    Reliable and trusted company
    All the employees are enjoying their works
    These are the values Kaontech Co., pursuing.

Go to the center of the world with creativity and endless challenges!

Kaontech was established in 2012. Kaon means the center of the world in Korean.
The company name expresses our passion of becoming the center of automation industry.
Kaontech has been rapidly grown based on innovative technologies and diverse experiences.
And we are having a large market share and competitiveness currently. Furthermore,
we are doing our best by conducting endless R&D and investment to make a better product.
Our motto is ‘ understand customers and satisfy Customer needs ’ and we are trying to give a higher satisfaction to our customers.
We are aiming self-controlled work, responsibility and creativity through human-centered
management with main values of progressive challenges and endless development.
Kaontech will continuously advance to the best through smooth communications with employees,
customers and partners in good relationships with them and become a world-best. Thank you!